/** * Changelog * * @package Modules Anywhere * @version 1.13.3 * * @author Peter van Westen * @link http://www.nonumber.nl * @copyright Copyright © 2011 NoNumber! All Rights Reserved * @license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html GNU/GPL */ /** * + Added * ! Removed * ^ Changed * # Fixed */ 18-Nov-2011 : v1.13.3 # Fixed issue with Editor Settings not working (Joomla 1.7) 06-Nov-2011 : v1.13.2 ^ Cleaned code syntax + Added option to add show/hide title parameter to tag from modal window 08-Oct-2011 : v1.13.1 # Fixed security issue in NoNumber! Framework plugin 08-Oct-2011 : v1.13.0 ^ Improved installer ^ Moved translation language files to main package (no more language packs) ^ Cleaned up some code (like no more use of DS) # Fixed issue with tags being handled in editor button popup 16-Sep-2011 : v1.12.0 ^ Changed NoNumber! Elements plugin to NoNumber! Framework ^ Moved common language strings to NoNumber! Framework files # Fixed issue with surrounding whitespace 05-Aug-2011 : v1.11.8 # Fixed issue with modules with user group selections not working properly (Joomla 1.7) # Fixed issue error on datetime.php (Joomla 1.5) 04-Aug-2011 : v1.11.7 # Fixed issue with setting elements not working (Joomla 1.5) 04-Aug-2011 : v1.11.6 # Fixed issue with modules with user group selections not working properly (Joomla 1.7) # Fixed issue with php error in feeds 25-Jul-2011 : v1.11.5 # Fixed issue with editor button popup not working (error) (Joomla 1.7) 21-Jul-2011 : v1.11.4 ^ Changed layout of options ^ Changed use of elements # Fixed some issues with surrounding tags and whitespace # Fixed issue with articles with higher access level showing (Joomla 1.7) # Fixed issue with JEventHandler error on some setups 20-Jun-2011 : v1.11.3 # Fixed issue with installation problems (Joomla 1.5) 18-Jun-2011 : v1.11.2 # Fixed issue with overriding array settings (Joomla 1.7) # Fixed issue with missing language string (Joomla 1.7) 18-Jun-2011 : v1.11.1 ^ Added ability to overrule parameters with curly brackets in value (by adding leading backward slash) # Fixed issue with parameter overriding not working (Joomla 1.7) (thanks David-Hai Gootvilig) # Fixed issue with tags not working outside component area of disabled components 23-May-2011 : v1.11.0 + (Joomla 1.7) compatible! # Fixed issue with some non-UTF-8 pages breaking 30-Mar-2011 : v1.10.3 ^ Made code a little lighter ^ Added break to prevent looping of module inclusion # Fixed issue with some non-UTF-8 pages breaking # Fixed issue plugin being executed on raw format pages 25-Mar-2011 : v1.10.2 # Fixed issue with search component breaking in some cases # Fixed issue with leading/trailing paragraph/div tags not being handled well # Fixed issue with special characters (UTF-8) 17-Mar-2011 : v1.10.1 ^ Changed language files to be J1.6 ready # Fixed issue with editor button not working for registered/author level # Fixed issue with problems when html has multiple body tags # Fixed issue with tags being interpreted in frontend editor fields with very large contents 11-Feb-2011 : v1.10.0 ^ Changed extension icon / logo # Fixed issue with overruling parameters with equal or bar signs in the value # Fixed issue with public access to editor button popup page (security fix!) 13-Dec-2010 : v1.9.2 # Fixed issue with conflicting characters in language file 12-Dec-2010 : v1.9.1 # Fixed some issues with compatibility with AncyMailing # Fixed issues with document being called to early # Fixed some issues with loading of language strings # Cleaned up some code 25-Nov-2010 : v1.9.0 + Added checks to see if NoNumber! Elements plugin is installed/enabled ^ Fixed and updated all language strings ^ Improved code to make it lighter/faster # Fixed issue with tags being handled in edit fields 16-Nov-2010 : v1.8.0 # Fixed extension causing pages to break on some setups # Fixed issue with not working in some forms (where they should) 15-Nov-2010 : v1.7.0 ^ Moved popup styles and images to NoNumber! Elements plugin ^ Made syntax also be handled in AncyMailing ^ Improved code to make it lighter/faster # Fixed issue with div tags not being placed through Editor Button # Fixed issue with tag names not being taken from settings through Editor Button 18-Oct-2010 : v1.6.0 + Added ability to wrap output in styled div tags ^ Changed layout of Editor Button popup popup window a little ^ Changed tooltips ids/titles/aliases of articles in list in Editor Button popup window # Fixed issue with comment tags not being true HTML compliant 24-Jul-2010 : v1.5.2 ^ Changed way version and license information are displayed (now via ajax) ^ Changed way versions and licenses are checked (no more base64) ^ Made code a little lighter 23-Jun-2010 : v1.5.1 # Fixed issue with code looping, causing page timeouts 22-Jun-2010 : v1.5.0 + Added ability to override module parameters in module tag ^ Improved code (=faster) # Fixed issue with feeds not working 22-May-2010 : v1.4.1 # Fixed issue with some language strings not being loaded # Fixed styling of notice in (editor button) modal popup # Fixed issue with ordering not working in (editor button) modal popup 12-May-2010 : v1.4.0 + Added option to not place the HTML comments # Fixed issue with editor button popup page being accessible to all # Fixed issue with module settings not always working # Fixed issue with modules cache not being used 13-Feb-2010 : v1.3.4 ^ Changed the License Code check (now controlled by the License Manager) # Fixed errors regarding preg_match_all # Fixed incorrect message about plugin not being installed (in editor button settings # Fixed wrong version number in xml file # Fixed issue with errors about registry for php 5.0.5 29-Jan-2010 : v1.3.3 + Added option to ignore published state of modules ^ Reduced number of database queries # Fixed issue with deprecated syntax for php 5.3+ # Fixed issue with preg_match_all error in some cases (when article author is not set) # Fixed issue with assignment to JACL user group levels not working correctly # Fixed issue with false message about system plugin missing 26-Jan-2010 : v1.3.2 # Fixed tags with style not working # Fixed location of Joomla! DTD files 22-Jan-2010 : v1.3.1 # Fixed issue with editor button placing half a comment tag (breaks editor on IE) 20-Jan-2010 : v1.3.0 + Added option to set text in editor button + Added option to not display icon in editor button + Added Commercial License Code support ^ Made settings react a little faster (toggling options) ^ Changed file encoding to UTF-8 ^ Improved styling of editor button popup # Fixed issue with titles with special characters # Fixed issue with modules being handled in editor on frontend # Fixed issue with module tag still being handled within head 09-Oct-2009 : v1.2.0 ^ Changed the update check ^ Changed to make module tag only be handled within body tag (not in head) # Fixed issue with language file not being loaded (comments in html not readable) # Fixed issue with popup not being able to open on some setups # Fixed issue with errors on articles with no creator 08-Aug-2009 : v1.1.4 # Fixed issue with errors regarding "Call to a member function get() on a non-object" on some modules 07-Aug-2009 : v1.1.3 # Fixed issue with errors in feeds when using K2 20-Jul-2009 : v1.1.2 ^ MODA tags will not show anymore when server runs out of memory # Fixed issue with modules with numeric names not working # Fixed issue with pagination and ordering not working in Modules Anywhere editor button popup window 14-Jul-2009 : v1.1.1 # Fixed issue with module tags still being converted in edit page when there are forms in the text 14-Jul-2009 : v1.1.0 + Added jumper setting ^ Changed auto installer # Fixed issue with module tags in articles being converted to modules when editing in frontend # Fixed issue with update notification not working correctly 08-Jun-2009 : v1.0.0 + First stable release Modules Anywhere is based on Modules in Content. Changes since Modules in Content v0.1.3: + Added an editor button to easily insert the {module} tag + Added options for components and other areas ^ Changed the way plugin works so you can use the syntax everywhere (not only in articles) ^ Changed installation procedure (automatic installer/updater) ^ Changed different administrator elements ^ Changed update notification ! Removed update icon in administrator toolbar # Fixed issue with style overruling not working